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Honorary Eorlingas' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Honorary Eorlingas

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[01 Mar 2005|07:53am]

hey, i just joined this community and wanted to express my feelings on how it wasn't a fangirl site (THANK GOD).

not much else to say other than the obvious fact that the Eorlingas in the book were much more impressive than those in the movie. i love everything about rohan and rohirric (i'm trying to teach myself it, but i can't find a really good site other than those that just list words and definitions). not much else, i think.
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Hello, There [21 Jun 2004|09:27pm]

I just wanted to make my presence known in this community, and to let you all know that I'm not a screaming fan-girl. Hehe.

That, and based on the results of my lj search for "Rohan" this is the best community on lj. Everything else is slash and fangirls.

I weep for human kind.
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woohoo!! =) [07 Apr 2004|08:42pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

hey everyone...i just spent the longest while searching for a community dedicated to Rohan and the ppl of Rohan...i kept finding stuff about the actors but not necessarily the characters....or if i did...it was just one of the characters...i'm sooo excited that i found a community that has any and everything Rohan related :)...like everyone else here..it's my favourite place in the books/movies...the ppl r so strong-minded and hard working...i admire them a great deal...well...looking forward to more things Rohan ;)....take care!

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[05 Apr 2004|01:08am]

just joined! I'm possibly one of the most obsessed people with the rohirrim. Most of my friends like legolas or aragorn, I make a theoden shrine. Eowyn has the best part in the books and movies and Eomer is so manly that he can challenge Aragorn in the movies =D

so I start my membership with : why is everyone here obsessed with the rohirrim? I am for the sole reason that throughout all of the books they're the most noble and honorable people of middle earth. They rode to the aid of Gondor when Denethor had abandoned him to death, stupid palantir.

Eowyn is the best, her confrontation with the nazgul lord is my favorite moment in both the books and the movie. Ride of the Rohirrim is amazing, Theoden is my favorite character and as I said, everything rohirrim :D
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[12 Jan 2004|11:44am]

Greetings rohirrim!
I am very pleased to see that someone in this mad LJ-universe had the sensibility to start a rohirric community. Growing up in Scania, there is no place in Middle Earth that is more home to me than the rolling hills of Rohan (which my poor The Quest of Erebor and the War of the Ring students fearfully experienced in the spring of 2003 at UC Berkeley). Yay Rochand! (Anyone else here into Sindarin roots in Rohirric, by the way?) ♥
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Hail! [06 Jan 2004|03:20pm]

Hey! I just joined here... and I love love love love everything about Rohan and the Rohirrim! Especially Eomer...

Anyway, I came across this community, and thought, gee, these are people that love Rohan and hate slash- looks like just the place I might fit in! So I joined. I'm looking forward to a great friendship with all of you! ^^
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Hi there! [31 Dec 2003|02:55pm]

[ mood | full ]

Hey there fans of Rohan!

I <3 Rohan. It's my favourite place in the WHOLE OF MIDDLE EARTH. It's nice to see someone was sensible enough to make a community to honour it :D.

Question: Do we put anything to do with ROTK under cuts?

Thanks ^_^


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[28 Dec 2003|09:53pm]

Welcome to the Community! The ORIGINAL Community, so there! XD (I'm a mean person, really ;_; no, I'm not, come back!)
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